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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 27, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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store and she got their car and the 10-year-old supposed to push the cart out of the store as soon as she saw her mom pulling hup. but the girl started to walk out, employees stopped her and police say the mother saw what happened and drove away, leaving the girl to deal with the situation. >> this is disheartening to see this. to see a child used in any crime much less just a theft this is luckily not much worse than that. >> and police say this isn't the first time she and her daughter shop lifted from this safe way saying it happened two weeks prior, and that time, it worked they're able to get out of the safeway without paying. and police are now looking for marcy as mentioned and she's
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five 11 weighs 200 pounds with brown hair, brown eyes and may be traveling with her boyfriend. she was last seen driving a green ford explorer with a wyoming license plate number. back live now they were here from wyoming visiting keelan's mother. the 10-year-old has not been charged with a crime and staying with her grandmother. >> thank you. >> a little girl is in critical condition after being hit by a car while riding her bike in novato today 689 today and there is ples say the man driving this white suv hit the girl he did get out to help. the girl transfered to a center by helicopter and now, police are not releasing her age or any other details.
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>> there is 24 hours from now, critical mass bike ride will fill san francisco streets, possibly creating a mess of the friday night commute. they're going to gather along the embarcadero and ride from there. but this time it's not the typical ride. it's the 20th js anniversary of the event. there is an event that could be the biggest yet. >> and the city police chief says he's been told to expect 10,000 cyclists, maybe more. those who take part in critical mass say they're fighting a car-centric society. >> we're second class citizens on the road. >> so they set out to make their presence known. the critical mass movement was born. >> there is all day long,
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every day. so we turn tables so we're go tg say here we're. -here. respect our space for just a few hours. >> there is no predicting who will show up on the last friday of the month or which streets they'll take over. and sometimes there are hundreds and sometimes, thousands. most are peaceful and others turned into ugly contron taigss there is one side in 1997 ended with 250 arrested. and another in 2007 caused the then mayor to say it's losing hearts and minds of the community. >> this is counter productive. >> now there is international influence. this man is here italy to celebrate the anniversary. >> we have critical mass in five, six town autos leaders
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once talked tough, now there is an avid cyclist. >> this is in recent years the community has gone main stream and diversified. >> san pran added miles of new bike lanes and rob anderson is trying to stop more from coming in, taking the bike plan to court. >> there is a problem is that it take as way street parking on streets that. creates a problem, it's an impact. >> tomorrow night, bikes will be ruling the road in parts of san francisco. >> we'll have people with them and we use our motorcycles and officers on bicycles. >> there is not a static rally and this is a moving movement which means that if you want
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to avoid delays you might want to get out of san francisco around 6:00 or take public transportation. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> if you don't vit, now my be the good time to down load the waze traffic app. and you can use to it guide yourself around the congestion. >> there is trust yeez meeting tofrg a plan to keep the krej in business and must take action to stay afloat. abc 7 news is live outside of the meeting with what the college has to do. >> they have to do a lot. there is city college told if you want to continue operating have you to get finances in order so there is this draft, some call it road map for
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survivor. there is city college wants to close two of the nine campuses. this is located in the castro district offering a number of night classes. second located on geary boulevard and that is included in a 48 painl approval. >> there is a plan seeking to cut salaries and consolidate or eliminate programs and get rid of paid sabbaticals. students know changes will affect them. there is also classes. i mean, i need to take one class but they -- they cut it. so i'm not sure what to do with that and i'm thinking of
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transfering. >> this plan requested for community and junior colleges and must be presented by october 15th. about 92% of the budget goes to salaries and benefits that will likely change. >> this team call as tension to what they believe were high benefits for half time employees. >> there is leslie simon is a full time teacher who opposes this kind of action. >> this is wonderful because they're secure so i think they give back pay. not a problem and not a problem. >> some believe the college is now finally on the right track. >> this is what it takes to turn around, i'm not too worried.
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>> this is somewhat ironic that city college just recently opened its campus in chinatown. but as we know, that was open with bond money and donations they're hoping that proposition 30 passes if it does not there is a college swril to cut an additional $11 million by the end of the year. >> there is residents in san jose will face what organizers are kaurling a safety march. it's just south of downtown. community leaders say there has been an up tick in crime from prostitution to gang activity. school children, they say, must feel safe coming and going to the school. they're planning a big rally tonight and this is and say
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it's a result of fewer police officers on the streets. >> there is a celebration underway to mark the 10th anniversary of santana row. this is david louie there live tonight. looks like a great party. >> you're right. the party just getting underway. the mayor and others are here to celebrate with tenants and there is santana row 82 acres of restaurants and stops designed to look and feel like a village. there is a skaly never had seen anything like santana row resonating with shoppers and owners there is just gorgeous.
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>> it was still under construction and there is now 56 employees and she and santana row surviving the bust and the recession. >> you kind of just take polls and read what's happening and there is a ride with the tide. >> interest there is an tanya row known for upscale shops but that doesn't leave others out. >> there are shops i can't afford. >> there is $24 million in sales taxes. and there are $40 million from project beginnings, attracting 30,000 visitors dropping nearly $100 million.
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there is a a fire that caused damage. >> we're watching this thing burn it and was like, oh, my god. and they opened up three months. >> there is a original vision to create a great living room. it's turned in beyond our wildest expectations. >> and there is a many here will be krubting 10% of the sales to a special community relations and fund that is operated by the san jose fire department. >> and there is a nice milestone. >> still to come another big blow to the economy. changing times in the soup industry. >> and there is sending kids
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to college there is now an app for that. >> i'm sandhya patel. toasty temperatures into the forecast there is hottest days of the week starting this weekend. there are numbers coming up. >> there is
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another blow to the job market. campel's soup announced it's closing a plant that employs 700 people.
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and the employees got the word. >> there is some and this company was informed the plant was closing and they're losing job autos this is devastating. really devastating. >> for 13 years, salary walked to work at the plant now will be walking the unemployment line with 700 others getting paid off. >> there are a lot of people here for a lot of years and a lot of us are at that age. goitsing to hard to find job autos campbell's is closing the plant because volumes of canned soup are in decline z there is a focus on different packaging formats. and reducing needs for large scale soup manufacturing. >> there is cost more to run
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so you're looking across the plants, sacramento is our oldest plant. and this st highest cost per case of any in the u.s.. >> some employees say they saw this coming long ago. they lost their nickelen noodle line. >> i'm 59 so there is a 21-year-old son i'm sending to college. >> 1972, 41 years next year, we have pension. >> there is a real estate license holder you know? this is -- i stopped doing that when the housing market went down so. i'm just going to try to reestablish my real estate business. >> that is facebook and the
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bill and melinda gates foundation are teeming up to get kids into college and stay there. there is abc 7 news reporter. >> these 150 web jerlz are working to help kids navigate the pro cease this is about b.getting best and brightest developers in a room and focusing on a problem. >> in this case, hack sag positive term meaning producing great ideas quick lie end goal to get kids to stay in college and great thing that we know these kids are using social media. >> there is a foundation providing $18,000 for prizes for the best prototypes and
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$2.5 million in grants for more down the road. the nonprofit has a team of four in the race. >> this is a short case. we're going to have a barely functional proto type. >> one of the judges was listening to each team's pitch. >> we'll look at first of these to solve problems kids have. and that there is great tools for helping them going through this process. >> jessica is a high school senior from san francisco. she's had lots of help making her april politics. today sheerks hoping developers are understanding what her peers might need this is like wow.
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it's they get lost in christmas like do i want to go? >> there are apps to remind them they do should be available next year. >> there is fog out there. we're getting ready for a warm up. >> there is fog will go away at some point. that is hard to believe. there is live doppler 7. the fog is will he to the ground. it's 1200 feet. there is inland areas still clear, highs today, everyone warmed up and there is into
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low to mid-90s. oakland, 74 degrees santa rosa, up to 90. there is right now, 50s at the coast. 80s and 90s inland. highlights areas of fog tonight holding steady tomorrow there is a warm up so might want to give more time as you head out of the door so there are upper 50s to mid-50s. tomorrow there is low pressure picking up just enough to where temperatures dip and there is two centers meaning weaker sea breeze, and so get ready for some summer like sizzle inland valleys tomorrow afternoon 80s in san jose. 78 in sunnyvale.
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71 in millbrae. 77 palo alto. there is some fog into afternoon. 65 in downtown san francisco. there is up to mid-90s, 72 oakland towards fremont, 76 degrees. inland communities running warm. and lower than where you are today. 90s in livermore, mobt monterey bay, 68 degrees in santa cruz. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. there is a mild to warm forecast for tomorrow and there is mid to upper 90s inland. and see fog starts to tis appear. and coastal areas low 70s monday, hitting 100 inland, cooler weather into tuesday.
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thanks to the effort of a mother, five major rental car companies agreed to a major recall n 2004, her daughters died in a crash driving a rental car under a safety recall. their mom worked with senator boxer on legislation.
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>> there is a way to go. so i have to keep my emotions in check. but not for a moment do i not think of my daughters and sacrifice our family had to make in order to bring this to national attention and get something done about it. >> and there is no law preventing the cars from using cars under safety recall. >> tonight they're all u.s. citizens. there are 1200 people taking the oath this morning and there is many registered to vote just in time for november election. >> we're excited she was a leader. >> and i have my own ideas and i want to make sure that i have a say in that.
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>> there will be citizens able to vote that same day if they take their certificate to county election office. >> how cool that? >> there is more still to come. the blitz giving the president a big bounce in polls. there is a calculated effort. >> students took a class saving their schools tens of thousands of dollars. stay with us.
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and tonight, there is another explanation for his rising poll numbers and mark matthews is here with a look at the really hit first strat ji we've been saying that it's going to be a close race ask could boil down to direction of the economy and this
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campaign figured it could be more important than people think. in the last week of august in the first week in september our attention was focused on conventions, during weeks something else was at play. >> i'm barack obama and i agrieve this message. >> there is a analysts saying ads almost negative defined romney as antimiddle class and antiauto bailout. number of ads was overwhelming. there is a dealing -- feel sthag they didn't have to could do that and they're going to wait until the convention and afterwards. >> this scientists say the campaign was helped out by missteps. >> there are comments about
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the middle east. >> the campaign was trying to paint and there is another big advantage and there are swing states sat rated with candidates and there are stations required to give a discounted rate in last 60 days but this applies only to candidates. political parties and outside groups like super packs are not entitled. washington post reports if ohio there is a 30 second slot costing super packs $900 and there is much money romney raised has been from high dollar donors. >> there are people have to spend three, four five time as much then you've got only one third or a quarter or a fifth
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of number of ads you can run. >> there is a problem for the campaign. so there is a kraix there were other factors at play. there is where you are bet they are in, the swing states. >> the president is expected to draw a big crowd when breaking away interest those swing states for a swing san francisco october 8th. there are $100 for general admission, $250 for preferred admission and 2500 for premium seating and 7500 you can attend a reception and have your picture taken with the president. and campaign money flowing into the fight over california's ballot negligent tiffs showing committees formed to support
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or oppose raising $46 million in september. there is a raised nearly $12 million and the group supporting the a temporary tax increase collected $10 million and there is some smart students brain storming to help schools safe money. they're members of a green engineering academy taking part in a energy audit looking for ways to cut costs. there is nick smith from livermore. >> this started when we got together and start rd being geeky. >> this is part of the green engineering academy. it's only offered to 60
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students per year. >> if we bonded and are able to learn together and making tun while in the science fair together. >> there are together saving tens of thousands in energy costs. something the class never had to worry about. >> it's baby steps you have to lead to what we have to do there is every light switch counts. >> this is about one and a half inches in diameter. >> they know it best. they can help us out with information. >> this was made possible by pg&e pilot program. there are teamed with those who know campus best. students of green engineer
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academy. >> that is about 100,000 savings which is i think $14,000 for the school. >> students able to identify 45 lampes and thermostats and old computers outindicate dated and sucking up too much energy to be cost effective. there is a move the district officer can appreciate. >> this is just like $70,000 for a small investment. we do have to pay money to save money. but the return is short. >> when there is the best part unless the school is new, every school has an opportunity to save as much in energy costs. >> and there is hands on training for scientists of
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tomorrow. >> there is
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the bay area is drawing scientists from around the world now they're opening the doors to scientists of tomorrow as well. there are students getting an
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opportunity of a lifetime. >> when irene returned to high school she had stories to tell about her summer job. >> i did the first surgery and it was interesting and exciting for me. >> instead of flipping burgers the 16-year-old was helping researchers better understand brain function and this is aimed at helping newborn infants survive birth traumas. >> i started thinking that there are doing something great. >> there is across the bay there is some great science, too working on a study to help muscles regenerate. >> when injecting we saw greatly improved muscle generation. >> the path into these labs began with intern ship programs funded by california institute of regrengen ra tiff medicine. they're assigned mentors. >> there is they get down to
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genetics level and they really understand that they're part of the project including literature. >> these grants help fund internship programs in different institutions. and. >> so i think that this will just be a good project. and. >> students chosen from back grounds, some are the first to be exposed to science. >> when explaining this project to my family they're blown away by the complexity of it. >> there are universities impressed as well. he was accepted to stanford planning to study neuroscience. >> hard to believe for me, actually. >> this grant covered inter
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internships for about 65 students. >> the other night we featured don sanchez marking his 40th anniversary, tonight another local legend who has been in broadcasting longer
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there is a meet to get underway in just minutes. caltrans has been studying a possible of putting noise barriers on the free. a 2009 survey found the area near college avenue would benefit from the sound walls. tonight's meeting gives residents a chance to give their opinions and this takes place from 7:00 to 9:00 this evening. >> there is k fw. o radio traffic guru is retiring after a 51 year career.
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and don sanchez takes a look back. >> and in san francisco... >> for 51 years he's been one of the familiar voices on bay area radio. >> we'll take a look at highway 24. >> and updated traffic on the abc 7 morning news. the traffic broadcasting career was launched on the don cherwood show reporting from a passenger helicopter. >> there is when i've been told i'm the only nonpilot certified by the faa to fly in the front seat of a commercial helicopter. >> early on, stan knew he had to be a broadcaster. >> to find an industry that allows you to have a good time and pay rent is not a bad combination. >> for two years he ran a tv operation in american samoa
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and wound up with us, became the executive producer z there are is a draw to get back in front of the mic. he was flying october 17th when a producer yelled "earthquake". >> i went oh, my god. and i'll say this once. upper deck has fallen to lower deck. >> all i did for four days is talk about where you can go and couldn't go. how to get from a to b. what was working, what wasn't working. >> and there is when a pilot made a suggestion. >> probably a good idea. do you know how to land this thing? this is a good idea he says he could do it. there is time to write a book but now the life is changing. >> so there is monday morning
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he'll be facing traffic from another side. >> all of the time for kgo i was never in the commute. was sni. >> and you'll be looking forward to whatever comes next. >> there is a lot of energy left to do a lot of. >> and the continuation of an active fruitful life. >> and congratulations, stan. >> yes. and that is terrific. >> and delightful man. let's go back to update the forecast. >> there is the state wide temperatures doing traveling this weekend it's going to be hot in palm springs, 82 in los angeles. there is going up to tahoe there is an isolated
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possibility of showers. 75 tahoe and there is 58 degrees and locally we're going to see a slight dip in temperatures but going to be brief there is 70s near the keft. taking a look at the accu-weather forecast much warmer for weekend and there is sunday, upper 90s, monday heat peaks 100 inland. 74 into coastal areas yes. >> that is inland areas there is summer-like heat. >> no kidding thank you very much. >> and nfl's real refs back on the job tonight. >> there they are. you're going to see reception received from fans in baltimore just a short time
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>> i can stay connected 24-7 on abc 7 >> there are three prime time programs making debuts
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tonight. one is brand new, and at 8:00 that sfoled at 9:00 by the premier of gray's amad matt any and second season of scandal at sock. >> then on abc 7 news at 11:00 questions about safety in the skies over sonoma county. there is a investigation into a fight between neighbors that may be putting pilots at risk. also... >> tonight at 9:00 police warning a's pitcher why the major leaguer is all fired up and fed up larry beil is here and refs in football. >> yes. yes. this is good to see refs back. there is a's walking tight rope in the final week of the season trying to hold on to a wild card playoff spot. hitting five homers today and lost. there is this two foot long
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hot dog for $26? wow. rangers busted out boom sticks. there is a lead off a bomb on travis blackly. there is batting practice with rangers at first. there is a two-run homer. there is a's in a deep hole, early. check out josh redic exploding out of a slump and there is two homers today, josh halt milton down the left field line there. is 9-4 in the 8. there is three homers making it a 9-7 contest. johnny gomes, swing and a miss to end it. there is axe's catching a break thanks to seattle. there is john jaiso.
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mariners win that and stay two games ahead of the angels just six games left to play. giants made a decision that we expected. suspended outfielder melky cabrerra was suspended after a positive drug test and will be eligible to return but the giants don't want him back. giants had terrific chemistry. they won the nl west and don't want phone shall contractions or continuing crowd that came with the case. cabrerra saying i'm disappointed and mish teammates the best in post season and rb rooting hard to bring another world championship to san francisco. >> i like the way we're playing now. guys have been out there and played they've earned this. so we made the call.
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now, it's behind use and this afternoon sh against the diamond backs there is a hunter pens with a two run blast. giants on top and still in the second marco scutero has cloud. there are giants won barry zito's last 10 starts and there is hector sanchez sends this one to left center that. is done. giants win 7-3 there is never have so many been so happeny to see seven guy was whistles show up. refs return in baltimore replacing replacements. they got a standing ovation and there is a relieved commissioner. >> these are difficult.
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you have two parties but do you have a lot of parties outside of the room? this is starting with fans. we're sorry to bring the fans through that. >> and on your lock out board there is still one dispute left. there is a cancellation of the rest of the preseason schedule. no sharks games for the for seeable future. >> college football, stanford, washington. and they have regular refs? >> yes. they do. >> that does it for this edition of abc 7 news. >> and from all of us, thanks for watching. we appreciate your time. -- captions by vitac --
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